FastFleet for Colleges and Universities

At home, on campus and off.

Self-service reservations and vehicle access coupled with wireless, keyless entry, eliminate the hassles of fleet management – not to mention keyboards, lock boxes and missing fobs.

It’s smart to share.

Dedicating vehicles to departments can lead to under-utilization and higher costs. Similarly, with remote locations, vehicles become isolated and underutilized. FastFleet by Zipcar’s fleet management technology delivers the fleet optimization data you need to set up smaller pods in smart locations, so sharing them is simple and practical. And that can reduce fleet sizes and costs.

Make Zipcar part of your fleet.

Adding the Zipcars already on your campus to your fleet maximizes mobility and minimizes cost. FastFleet integrates with the Zipcar reservation and entry system. This gives you more flexibility to manage your fleet and cuts congestion.

Why rent when you have the cars?

Improved fleet management means more cars available for faculty and staff who need to travel off-campus. That can lead to lower costs by reducing the needs for car rentals.