FastFleet for the Public Sector

Better service, fewer cars.

Over time, fleets grow to meet peak service demand. This means adding vehicles to keep service levels high, even though overall fleet utilization suffers. With a FastFleet solution, you can right-size your fleet to meet, and even exceed, your service level goals with fewer cars.

Move forward faster.

What if you could recover under-utilized vehicles faster so they could be redeployed to underserved areas? Or better yet, cut excess cost. FastFleet by Zipcar makes it possible to improve vehicle availability and convenience with an intuitive reservation system that puts your fleet at the fingertips of your drivers.

Better information. Better decisions.

Fleet reduction alone is not an answer if it threatens important service delivery to your citizens. Instead of outright downsizing, with fleet tracking and sharing technology, your fleet managers can right-size your fleet. With FastFleet, know who is driving a vehicle, where, when and for what purpose. Add in FastFleet’s fleet management technology with extensive reporting, analysis and business intelligence tools, and you can better support decisions about the fleet size and locations.

Compliance issues? No problem.

Take the worry out of compliance issues. With deep and extensive reporting capabilities, you can confirm all employees hold valid licenses and represent insurable risks. To eliminate citation issues and ensure vehicle policies are followed, FastFleet lets you know where your cars are in real-time and keeps a history of where they’ve been, who was driving and when. This kind of tracking data can then be mapped against your fleet policy so that you can modify it or educate drivers to maintain compliance.

Washington D.C.
paves a path to
$6 million in savings.

Washington, D.C. is a pioneer adopter of the FastFleet system. Since it’s implementation, the city has saved more than $300,000 during a four month pilot program and more than $1 million in the first 12 months. The nation’s capitol projects savings of greater than $6 million over 5 years thanks to fleet optimization from FastFleet.