FastFleet for Private Sector

Innovate. Modernize. Improve.

FastFleet by Zipcar is fleet management innovation that achieves efficiency, visibility and control like never before. Our fully hosted and maintained solution helps businesses cut costs, right-size their fleet and improve their service. We help a range of businessesÑutility, insurance, pharmaceutical, communication, food and beverage, and constructionÑrevolutionize the way they manage their fleet.

Get a competitive advantage.

To stay a step ahead of the competition, businesses have to keep track of environmental, political, economic and social factors. FastFleet brings real-time, fact-based data and fleet management decision support that can help you adjust and modify your business to these changing needs.

Right-size your fleet.

Do you have direct-assigned vehicles sitting idle in parking lots? With better organization, fleet managers can identify these underutilized vehicles and share their fleet across employees or departments. Put our FastFleet solution in place to create efficiencies and optimize fleet utilization.

Boost the bottom line.

With constant price and cost pressures, savings must be found in the middle of the P&L to improve the bottom line. By transforming the traditional way fleets are managed, FastFleet helps identify more ways to cut costs.