Simplify your fleet management.
Peak its performance.

Revolutionize your fleet management.

With Zipcar's pioneer car sharing technologies, FastFleet gives you the
information to make better fact-based, fleet management decisions regardless of your fleet size.
  • > Recover under-utilized cars
  • > Serve more drivers
  • > Reduce your overall fleet size
  • > Help green your fleet
  • > Improve service levels
  • > Reduce risks and improve policy compliance

FastFleet for the
Public Sector

Within six months of implementing FastFleet, the city of Washington, D.C. reduced passenger cars in its fleet by 17 percent. District of Columbia officials project a $1 million net savings after the first year and $6.6 million after five years.
Learn how FastFleet's fleet optimization solution can help you save city taxpayer money and promote sustainability GO

FastFleet for the
Private Sector

FastFleet offers an innovative way to put your fleet to work harder. Our total fleet management solution helps businesses cut costs in ways they never considered before.
Learn how FastFleet by Zipcar can help you get a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line GO

Fleet Modernization
Program (FMP)

FastFleet delivers a program that can help public sector fleet managers build a modern fleet with highly efficient electrics, plug-in hybrids and hybrid electrics.
Learn how to transition to a highly sustainable, efficient fleet. GO

FastFleet for Colleges
and Universities

Zipcar is already serving over 120 campuses nationwide. Now FastFleet can bring the same easy, convenient and efficienct fleet optimization to dedicated college and university fleets.
Serve several departments and cut campus congestion while reducing transportation budgets GO